Music and Art

Joseph’s Radiance
10 x 60″ each or 20 x 60″ diptych
acrylic on canvas

Studio work is often intense and highly focused. I listen to music when I’m working. I lose track of time. Hours pass.

This tall diptych is still on the easel waiting for some mounting hardware.

The work is partly inspired by weaving. The two pieces lying on the table in the foreground are pieces from my fabric collection: Kente cloth from Ghana and a Japanese obi. It’s also an homage to the painter Joseph Kyle, 1923 – 2005. His significant painting collection is with Elan Gallery in Vancouver.

This small 9 x 12 ” piece is a companion to the hard edge painting. It’s in direct contrast and lets me blow off steam with expressive mark making, gouging, and general imprecision. Also environmentally friendly because I use up all the paint mixed for the bigger piece.

If the diptych hard edge painting is Gregorian chant, the little sidekick piece is bebop jazz.

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