Music and Art

Studio work is often intense and highly focused. I listen to music when I’m working. I lose track of time. Hours pass. This tall diptych is still on the easel waiting for some mounting hardware. The work is partly inspired by weaving. The two pieces lying on the table in the foreground are pieces from […]

Laughter and Art in the Time of COVID-19

Here’s my quote of the day:  ‘Art is never having to say you’re sorry.”  Laurie Mackie   I love the light hearted in such a heavy time.  I draw on my Samsung Note and post some of these quick sketches on my Instagram account @onehundredbirds.  You can also follow my studio practice and current work on Instagram […]

Working with the Blues: Part 2

Digging deeper into my blues archive finds this painting from my ‘Totem’ triptych. ‘Totem One’ 1999 24 x 36″ acrylic on canvas This is one of a triptych that pays homage to Jack Shadbolt. It’s apparent in this piece he’s a strong influence. I studied with painter Gordon Caruso at Langara College in Vancouver. He’d […]


Living near active ports on Vancouver Island influenced this edition of prints. My studio is near the Graving Dock in historic Esquimalt Harbour. Esquimalt is home to the Pacific Fleet of the Canadian Navy. Point Hope Maritime shipyard is also nearby in the Victoria harbour. We have a commercial fishing fleet at Fishermans Wharf and […]

Meta Incognita

Meta Incognita – Unknown Limits My recent print installation was part of the Ground Zero Printmakers annual group show at Fifty Fifty Arts Collective Gallery in Victoria, Canada, Feb/Mar 2017. Its a 5′ x 2′ soft ground etched copper plate, with a 5′ etched print on a 5′ aluminum shelf. The copper etched plate is […]

Fort Rodd Hill Artist in Residence

I spent four days in July at Fort Rodd Hill as an artist in residence.  Coast Collective has a partnership programme during the summer months, and member artists cycle through the site in summer.  I’m fascinated by this beautiful National Historic Park that’s just a short drive from my studio.  It was a great opportunity […]

Ground Zero Printmakers

Ground Zero Printmakers at the Art Centre at Cedar Hill, Victoria, BC. Check out Ground Zero Printmakers show at the Arts Centre at Cedar Hill, May 21-June 3. It showcases a diversity of approaches and printmaking techniques with a self-portrait theme. I did a 16″ x 24″ serigraph.   It was a difficult project to […]

Current Events

Here’s a look at some of my activities outside the studio over the next few months, with lovely teal coloured links to more information: Art Victoria Now May 7-10 Still Harbour, one of my small paintings. was selected for Art Victoria Now.  The exhibit takes place over four days in The Atrium, 800 Yates Street. Opening […]