Floridada Revisited

New Smyrna Beach on January 1 2016

new-smyrna-flSeems like along time ago that I took this photo.  This is a late blog post of a time almost a year past.  Look now at this American flag waving in a new year winter sun.  That first beautiful day of 2016 feels now, on the cusp of 2017, like a very different world.


DeLand lies inland from the Atlantic ocean and New Smyrna Beach.  It has lots of old Florida charm. Main Street is pleasant to walk on a quiet Sunday.


We wandered in the downtown area, poking around in shops featuring art and collectibles.


Displays of some inexplicable and intriguing objects. Random and dreamy.


Desk inspiration here, and a dynamite cup of coffee served in the small cafe out back.


Checkers and chess outside in a peaceful downtown.  I think everyone was in Church or enjoying pancakes at home.


Da Vinci Garden Cafe and Bar, an oasis on a quiet Sunday.

Lots of young folks in DeLand seem to be rejuvenating the downtown area and leading a creative and entrepreneurial life.

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