The Simple Beauty of Botanical Prints

A Studio Tradition

Every autumn I collect leaves from the garden and on my daily rambles.  I make botanical prints from my collection, memorializing the fleeting beauty of our west coast autumn.

I print directly from the leaves.  It’s simple, direct, and different from my other printmaking.

It requires no press.  A brayer, water soluble ink and paper is all you need.  And leaves.

I have satisfying results with almost no effort.  Consequently, it’s a relaxing form of printmaking.

I give these prints as gifts to family and friends.

I’ve taught this form of printmaking in my studio and at community centres and schools over the years.  It’s a great introduction to the joys of printmaking that anyone can learn.

If you would like to receive one of these small prints through the mail, contact me.  We can arrange an exchange for one of your small works.

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