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Monoprints: The Early Years

I discovered mono printing in 2004 in a printmaking course at the Victoria College of Art with Alain Costaz.

It wasn’t my first stab at printmaking.  My introduction was in the early 70’s at Langara College Studio Arts programme.

This was the gateway technique to printmaking I’m doing today that includes serigraph, traditional etching, photo etch, carborundum, with chine colle thrown in for good measure.

Mono printing is a deceptively simple method of printing.  Its direct and painterly.  It holds opportunities for working in series, spontaneously and intuitively.  Each print is different.

I enjoy arranging compositions directly on the plate, then mark making.  It’s a process where one thing leads to another.  It’s quite addictive.

Certainly part of the appeal was working in black and white.  The strong graphic images are compelling, especially seen in series, where my visual language is developed and explored.

This is my first edition of mono prints I call Walk Though.

My instinct was to throw away these first works that came off the press.  I was encouraged to hold them to revisit later.

This was very good advice, as time and distance is helpful in objectively looking at my work.  And I think these pieces hold up pretty well over a decade.

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