The Tale of Two Prints: Divide and Conquer


1/1/5  Celebration  3 x 4″  Photo etch, monoprint, emboss, and mixed media.

Celebration is the third mini print that was chosen for BIMPE, the Biennial Miniature Print Exhibit, which just opened in Vancouver at the Federation Gallery on Granville Island.


1/1/5  The Depths  11 x 15″ Photo etch, monoprint, emboss, and mixed media.

Here’s the same approach in a larger format.  The photo etch plates used for part of these prints are re-purposed images.  The graphic quality of the photo etch provides a foil for the other print techniques;  mono print, emboss and mixed media.

This way of composing appeals to me.  I often design on two sides, creating a problem to solve.  I like the tension.  It’s a delicate technical balancing act.



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