Always A Student

Monoprints: The Early Years I discovered mono printing in 2004 in a printmaking course at the Victoria College of Art with Alain Costaz. It wasn’t my first stab at printmaking.  My introduction was in the early 70’s at Langara College Studio Arts programme. This was the gateway technique to printmaking I’m doing today that includes […]

Ground Zero Printmakers

Ground Zero Printmakers at the Art Centre at Cedar Hill, Victoria, BC. Check out Ground Zero Printmakers show at the Arts Centre at Cedar Hill, May 21-June 3. It showcases a diversity of approaches and printmaking techniques with a self-portrait theme. I did a 16″ x 24″ serigraph.   It was a difficult project to […]

FIELD NOTES: A portfolio of prints

This hand made portfolio is home to my recent print series, ‘Field Notes’.  It was inspired by recent travel to ancient sites in Turkey. A three week intensive printmaking course with Master Printmaker, Alain Costaz, introduced me to intaglio.  I combined this technique with mono print and collograph to produce six prints. ‘Material Remains’ ‘Assemblage: […]