Italy…briefly 3

Venice Venice Venice



Welcome from the Virgin Mary by the train station in Venice.  It started to rain buckets as we jumped on a water bus.

The rain storm stopped on our arrival near the Palazzo Venier del Leoni, former home of Peggy Guggenheim.  It now houses her exceptional collection.  The rooms are packed with eye popping paintings and sculptures.  I loved the intimacy of this museum.  It’s a perfect fit for the scale of work presented.

Natural History:  Form Within Rock – 1946

I was introduced to the subtle work of Charles Seliger.  An original and youngest member associated with the New York School of abstract expressionists, his beautiful paintings are small in scale and inspired by the natural world.

Celestial – 1956

His use of materials gives a gentle and reverential quality to the work.  This one is done in pencil, tempera, oil and wax.

Jean Metzinger – At the Cycle-Race Track

Another exhibit with the intriguing title, Cubo-Futurism and the Fourth Dimension, was perfectly timed for the Tour de France and cycling enthusiasts.

From Yoko to Peggy

The sculpture garden had many diverse pieces, including Yoko Ono’s Wishing Tree. 

Marino Marini’s Historicus is the doorman extraordinaire.

The sun’s coming out as we leave the museum on our way to the Punta Della Dogana.

She had a great sun glasses collection as well.

Thank you,  Peggy.





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