East London on a quiet and sunny Sunday afternoon is a great time to have a look at graffiti art. Here’s a sampling of that two hour ramble.

East London 1

East London 3

East London 4

East London 5

East London 6

East London 7

East London 12

East London 14

East London 18

East London 17

East London 19

East London 23

East London 13

East London 21

East London 24

East London 26

East London 28

East London 27

Graffiti art is mainstream, and it’s been around since ancient Greek and Roman times. There’s a big difference today between graffiti and graffiti art.  A graffiti artist isn’t someone with a spray can and a name tag.

The politics behind graffiti art sits on shifting sands.  When Banksy, a well-known Bristol UK graffiti artist’s pieces are removed from their original site and sold for upward of a million dollars US, it’s not surprising that the quality of street art improves.  It has created it’s own economy.

Take a graffiti art tour in London with www.londongraffititours.com and check out the sites below for more information: