Jan 062014

This hand made portfolio is home to my recent print series, ‘Field Notes’.  It was inspired by recent travel to ancient sites in Turkey.

Field Notes-1

A three week intensive printmaking course with Master Printmaker, Alain Costaz, introduced me to intaglio.  I combined this technique with mono print and collograph to produce six prints.

Field Notes-1-2

‘Material Remains’

Field Notes-1-3

‘Assemblage:  West Entrance’

Field Notes-1-4

‘In Situ:  East Entrance’

Field Notes-1-7

‘The  Collectors’

Field Notes-1-8

‘Grave Goods and Grid’

Field Notes-1-5

‘Stone Excavation with Rope’

Prints measure 11″x15″ and are printed on German Etch paper.

The portfolio was constructed using unbleached recycled cardboard, bound with black cotton tape, and stitched using a heavy duty sewing machine with a rotational bobbin.  The title label, ”Field Notes’, was typed on fine copper sheet. The closure is waxed unbleached cotton string with a carved bone bead.



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