Jun 032019

Unknown Limits, my solo show at arc.hive Gallery, opens Saturday June 7th from 7 to 9 pm.  You’re invited!

June 7 to 23 Saturday and Sunday 12 to 5 pm

Unknown Limits navigates issues related to our human desires to explore, map, and extract resources.  Print installation, paintings, and altered photographs engage diverse senses of place, from the intimacy of the body to a planetary scale.

Planet 1   20 x 30 in.  acrylic on canvas

Planet 2  20 x 30 in.  acrylic on canvas

Meta Incognita  2 in. x 5 ft. print installation

Meta Incognita   side view

Meta Incognita  detail

Body Map Body Memory  11 x 17 in.  1/1/28   altered Polaroid

Body Map Body Memory  11 x 17 in. 1/1/28  altered Polaroid

Finder   2 ft. x 6 ft.   detail   acrylic on aluminium

Hope you can make it to the show if you’re in the area!  



Apr 082019

SEWING LESSONS:  sculpture, painting, hybrid prints

Opening Friday 3 May 2019

Artist talk Saturday 4 May

3 to 19 May 2019 Sat & Sun 12 – 5 pm

Sewing Lessons fuses and old narrative to the new world through old and new technologies.  Materials and images contrast the natural and build environments.

At the same time, each piece undermines its own story by the questions it evokes.  Sewing Lessons is a complex call to consider the material world:  who makes it and how it functions in modern life.

Mar 072019

The Burnaby Art Gallery will be showing my print work at their satellite gallery, Bob Prittie Library Metrotown, 25 March to 27 May.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to show these prints.  Most of them are, literally,  hot off the press.

Here are a few of the Sewing Lessons themed hybrid prints that will be on display on the 2nd floor gallery.

Number 5  a/p  21 x 22 in. a/p

serigraph, monoprint

The Sewing Lessons project began in 2014 with an installation piece.  It’s really got a hold on me, and I’ve since produced many works related to this theme, including sculpture and painting.

Sewing Lessons 1  1/5  20 x 21 in.

This print is part of that installations piece I did in 2014.  (Check out my post on April 2015 for more information.)

It’s photo etch on copper plate.  That pattern provided a matrix, both materially and metaphorically,  for many other prints.

I’ll be showing this piece, plus paintings, and sculpture, at Xchanges Gallery, Victoria, 3 – 19 May 2019.   The show is called Sewing Lessons, of course..

The installation opened the door to experimenting with other technologies for plate making;  cnc engraved and laser etched plates.

Or E – Back A  a/p   22 x 22 in.  cnc engraving, chine colle, monoprint

The matrix for this print is a cnc engraved plate.  I added two types of chine colle, and copper foil.

Cut 1  11 x 15 in. 1/1/15  laser etching, chine colle, and monoprint

This matrix for this piece was a micro view of a photo of tree bark.  I converted it into an image that was laser etched on lexan plate.  It’s a tricky process, as the laser can melt the plate.

Contrast AB  8 x 10 in.  1/1/15 cnc engraving, chine colle, monoprint

This plate was made using cnc and engraved on lexan on an xy table.  It’s based on a photo of my sewing machine.

I’m very excited about my direction in hybrid printmaking.  I’d appreciate your comments or question about my work.

Sewing Lessons:  Hybrid Prints

Bob Prittie Library 2nd floor  25 Mar to 27 May 2019

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