Feb 272020



February 29 – April 4, 2020 (Opening Reception, February 29, 3 – 5pm)

Victoria Arts Council, 1800 Store Street  Victoria BC Canada

Beyond The Archive exhibition at the Victoria Arts Council Gallery was conceived in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Ground Zero Printmakers Studio (GZPS).

The exhibition brings together prints from the GZPS archive and newly created ‘response’ prints by current GZPS artists arising from an investigation of the historical work. Using our archived print collection as a point of reference, artists were invited to create new works, a visual dialogue with their GZPS predecessors.

Since its inception in 1989, GZPS has hosted hundreds of artists and students.  They produced prints as an occasional, project based, or central core element of their creative practice.

Print studios have a tradition of collecting works produced in-house, stemming from the capacity of printmaking to produce multiple originals, or editions. Over the past 30 years, GZPS has collected an extensive and valuable Print Archive.

Beyond The Archive provides a powerful opportunity to showcase the rich 30 year history of GZPS and the diversity of creative imagination in contemporary printmaking in the region.

Join GZPS members in a ‘hands-on’ celebration of the hard-won expertise, creative intent, and plain work involved in sustaining an Open Studio for future artist-printmakers.

The exhibition will feature a display of GZPS historical artifacts, posters, photos, objects, and tools, from the four different locations of its 30-year history.

We invite all to the opening reception, artist’s talks, and Q & A demos, and to the neighbouring GZPS studio located in the historic Chinatown district of Victoria.


“We visit museums to see the works of ‘the masters’, we study art history, we read about artists that capture our imagination and we go to galleries because we are curious about historical artwork and that of our contemporaries.”

M. Mottishaw, GZPS Member 2019


“Everyone works collaboratively. That is why society exists.”

 Painting by Numbers, Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid


“At the heart of this project is the artist’s investigation into their deep connection to all other artists and histories.”

Victoria Edgarr

Director GZPS


GZPS is a print shop with Open Studio facilities for producing hand-pulled original prints.


Feb 262020

Ground Zero Printmakers and Atelier aux Lilas

It was a privilege to be part of an international printmaking project throughout 2019;  a creative collaboration between Ground Zero Printmakers where I am a long time member, and Atelier aux Lilas, in Paris.  Ground Zero Printmakers undertook this exciting and complex project as part of a years celebration marking their 30th anniversary of printmaking in Victoria!

The work was completed over a year, and recently shown in Paris at Galerie de L’OpenBach.  Here’s a link to their Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/openbach/


The prints were packaged and mailed, one from Paris to Victoria, and the other Victoria to Paris.  This is what the rather large mailing envelopes looked like.

Here is a bit of background for the project Latitude 48.  In late 2018, Ground Zero Printmakers  began a partnership with printmaking studio Atelier aux Lilas in Paris, France.  The title and theme of the project, Latitude 48, was chosen as Victoria and Paris lie along the same latitude. The project was curated and directed by Alain Costaz in Victoria and Louise Gros in Paris.

Latitude 48 printmakers from the two studios exchanged prints by post.  Ground Zero artists each added their own creative mark to the work of a colleague from Paris. And Atelier aux Lilas artists added their mark to the print of their counterpart in Victoria.

Work was completed and the first exhibition of the collaboration was held in Paris at Galerie de L’OpenBach in Paris.  Find more information through https://www.facebook.com/atelierauxlilas.

Founded in 1989, Ground Zero Printmakers Studio is a registered not-for-profit arts organization with a mandate to support the promotion and practice of the art of printmaking. The fully equipped studio is located in Victoria’s historic Chinatown. As an artist-run studio, GZPS promotes quality printmaking with a high degree of professionalism, and encourages exploration in experimental, innovative, and alternative printmaking. GZPS programming includes open studio sessions, and exhibition opportunities for our local and regional membership.

With a focus on the development and understanding of printmaking within the community, GZPS programs classes, hands-on workshops, printmaking demonstrations and exhibitions along with public educational presentations, displays and collaborations.

The more than fifty Ground Zero members are a broad-based group of individuals who employ a wide array of printmaking methods in their work. Members include artists for whom printmaking is central to their art practice and others whose work is project driven.

Atelier aux Lilas was founded in 2006. There are currently over 160 members in the studio which is located in a former factory leased from the city of Paris. The print studio was designed, built and equipped by the members, and offers facilities for intaglio, wood and lino cuts, typography letter press, screen-printing and book binding. The studio is also equipped with a photo lab.

Here is the print I produced to share for my counterpart, Laurent Amelie, at Atelier aux Lilas in Paris.

 What Comes Around  

11 x 14″  etching, monoprint

Ground Zero Printmakers is in process of securing a suitable gallery space in Victoria for an exhibition of Latitude 48.  Find out more about Ground Zero Printmakers, and this exhibition at:  http://www.groundzeroprint.com/