Aug 132014

Around Campus at Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts

MISSA was an inspirational place to produce lots of work.  My float house studio in the Marine Centre, across the gangway, second level.


The gangway led to the studio with a wall of windows facing Pedder Bay.


The entrance to Pedder Bay harbour, and beyond, the Pacific Ocean.  I saw sea otters, raccoons, seals, and bald eagles on my way to work every day.

MISSA Laurie

Taking a break from the studio, minus the painters apron.


From the ocean, a recovered 42′ Gray Whale skeleton is a sentinel for the campus. This powerful icon inspired many of the visiting artists.


Inspiration at MISSA came in all forms.  Here’s a still life created by the Residency Facilitator, Suzanne Northcott.  She provided guidance to our group with unfailing humour and warmth.

MISSA is a creative hotbed offering workshops that cover many arts practices: painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, writing, music, bookbinding, printmaking, and many more. The school attracts a wide variety of participants from many parts of the world.  Being at MISSA means that artists, who often work in isolation, find community that speaks the same language.

Lester B. Pearson College acts as host to MISSA when the international student body is away for the summer.  It’s the perfect place for an arts based summer school.




Jun 232014

Buying etching ink at the venerable Charbonelle store in Paris this past May, I came across a leaflet for a printmaking exhibition featuring  44 French artists mounted by Atelier Grognard in Malmaison. It was an easy half hour train ride from Paris.  Here’s a brief sampling of the accomplished artists and their wonderful print works.

Paris Prints 1

Entrance to the Atelier Grognard.  The print show ran from 11 April to 16 June 2014.

Paris Prints 3

Roland Laforcade – A deeply etched plate and vibrant colour.

Paris Prints 8

And the deeply etched plate; a beautiful object in it’s own right.

Paris Prints 10

Eric Fourmestraux’s installation, Le temps a passes et a repasse (homage to Man Ray). He carves the wood ironing board, using it as the plate.  Brilliant.

Paris Prints 12

And then he pressed the hot iron into the print.

Paris Prints 20

Pierre Soulages elegant approach, and the plates become a sculpture.

Paris Prints 22

Jo Ann Lanneville’s serigraph,  Colorful souls 1.

Paris Prints 25

The exhuberant work of Yayoi Kusama, La citrouille jaune.

Paris Prints 28

Claire Le Chatelier uses chine colle beautifully in her garden inspired piece, titled Tamachal.

Paris Prints 30

Cecile Reims, Forteresse de paille, one of 15 prints in her artist book.

Paris Prints 31

In a vitrine, the plate and book.

Paris Prints 34

Christine Gendre-Berger honours her printmaking friends with a series of prints for her artist book.  Exquisitely detailed and thorough work.

Paris Prints 35


Paris Prints 43

The Atelier Grognard is a very well lit and airy space, with integrated remnants of an industial workspace.  Large wheels echo the work space of printmakers.

Paris Prints 47

Paris Prints 44

The use of colour throughout the gallery enhances the work.

Paris Prints 50

This day trip from Paris had a bonus. Just around the corner from the Atelier Grognard is Chateau de Malmaison, the former estate of Josephine and Napoleon, now held in trust and open to the public.



CHARBONNEL (founded in 1862)





May 272014

East London on a quiet and sunny Sunday afternoon is a great time to have a look at graffiti art. Here’s a sampling of that two hour ramble.

East London 1

East London 3

East London 4

East London 5

East London 6

East London 7

East London 12

East London 14

East London 18

East London 17

East London 19

East London 23

East London 13

East London 21

East London 24

East London 26

East London 28

East London 27

Graffiti art is mainstream, and it’s been around since ancient Greek and Roman times. There’s a big difference today between graffiti and graffiti art.  A graffiti artist isn’t someone with a spray can and a name tag.

The politics behind graffiti art sits on shifting sands.  When Banksy, a well-known Bristol UK graffiti artist’s pieces are removed from their original site and sold for upward of a million dollars US, it’s not surprising that the quality of street art improves.  It has created it’s own economy.

Take a graffiti art tour in London with and check out the sites below for more information:

Jan 062014

This hand made portfolio is home to my recent print series, ‘Field Notes’.  It was inspired by recent travel to ancient sites in Turkey.

Field Notes-1

A three week intensive printmaking course with Master Printmaker, Alain Costaz, introduced me to intaglio.  I combined this technique with mono print and collograph to produce six prints.

Field Notes-1-2

‘Material Remains’

Field Notes-1-3

‘Assemblage:  West Entrance’

Field Notes-1-4

‘In Situ:  East Entrance’

Field Notes-1-7

‘The  Collectors’

Field Notes-1-8

‘Grave Goods and Grid’

Field Notes-1-5

‘Stone Excavation with Rope’

Prints measure 11″x15″ and are printed on German Etch paper.

The portfolio was constructed using unbleached recycled cardboard, bound with black cotton tape, and stitched using a heavy duty sewing machine with a rotational bobbin.  The title label, ”Field Notes’, was typed on fine copper sheet. The closure is waxed unbleached cotton string with a carved bone bead.



Jan 062014

A months travel in Turkey, with visits to many of its profoundly beautiful historic sites, offered plenty of fuel for my creative imagination for many years to come.  Among my favorite ancient sites were Ephesus, Side, and Cappadocia.  Especially stunning was Goreme and the Love and Rose Valleys.

My favorite town was the pale golden town of charming Mustafapasa, a place I could have stayed on in for years.

Below are a few of the images that inspired my latest portfolio of prints.


Turkey-1-2 Turkey-1-3 Turkey-1-6 Turkey-1-7 Turkey-1-9 Turkey-1-10 Turkey-1-11 Turkey-1-13 Turkey-1-15 Turkey-1-16 Turkey-1-19 Turkey-1-22 Turkey-1-23 Turkey-1-24 Turkey-1-26 Turkey-1-27 Turkey-1-28 Turkey-1-29 Turkey-1-30

Doorways of Turkey, published with Blurb Books, offers another focus for my photography while on the road.