Jan 062014

This hand made portfolio is home to my recent print series, ‘Field Notes’.  It was inspired by recent travel to ancient sites in Turkey.

Field Notes-1

A three week intensive printmaking course with Master Printmaker, Alain Costaz, introduced me to intaglio.  I combined this technique with mono print and collograph to produce six prints.

Field Notes-1-2

‘Material Remains’

Field Notes-1-3

‘Assemblage:  West Entrance’

Field Notes-1-4

‘In Situ:  East Entrance’

Field Notes-1-7

‘The  Collectors’

Field Notes-1-8

‘Grave Goods and Grid’

Field Notes-1-5

‘Stone Excavation with Rope’

Prints measure 11″x15″ and are printed on German Etch paper.

The portfolio was constructed using unbleached recycled cardboard, bound with black cotton tape, and stitched using a heavy duty sewing machine with a rotational bobbin.  The title label, ”Field Notes’, was typed on fine copper sheet. The closure is waxed unbleached cotton string with a carved bone bead.



Jan 062014

A months travel in Turkey, with visits to many of its profoundly beautiful historic sites, offered plenty of fuel for my creative imagination for many years to come.  Among my favorite ancient sites were Ephesus, Side, and Cappadocia.  Especially stunning was Goreme and the Love and Rose Valleys.

My favorite town was the pale golden town of charming Mustafapasa, a place I could have stayed on in for years.

Below are a few of the images that inspired my latest portfolio of prints.


Turkey-1-2 Turkey-1-3 Turkey-1-6 Turkey-1-7 Turkey-1-9 Turkey-1-10 Turkey-1-11 Turkey-1-13 Turkey-1-15 Turkey-1-16 Turkey-1-19 Turkey-1-22 Turkey-1-23 Turkey-1-24 Turkey-1-26 Turkey-1-27 Turkey-1-28 Turkey-1-29 Turkey-1-30

Doorways of Turkey, published with Blurb Books, offers another focus for my photography while on the road.