Jun 212012

Transit tube at McCormick Tribune Campus Centre

Rem Koolhaas’ integrated tube design for transit into the McCormick Tribune Campus Centre at the Illinois Institute of technology is practical, ingenious, and, quiet.


Women on the right, Men on the left.  The interior design and fixtures in these utilitarian washroom spaces are as playful as the rest of the building.   McCormick Centre is a lively conversation of colour, texture, and form, and reflects Koolhaas’ background in writing and journalism.

The ‘L’ provides context for the commercial centre in downtown Chicago.  The  Union elevated railway first started operating in 1892, and now provides historic reference for Chicago’s skyscrapers.  The Loop also contains an awe inspiring collection of world class contemporary public sculpture.

Boulevard garden in the lively and hip Chicago neighbourhood, Wicker Park.

Warm evening dinner at a bistro in Wicker Park.

And there’s no place like sweet home, Chicago.



Jun 152012
Cloudgate Sculpture

Cloud Gate – Anish Kapoor


The only clouds in the sky during my recent trip to Chicago reflected in this stunning piece at Millennium Park.  How could something so heavy appear so light?

Sky Above Clouds IV - Georgia O'Keefe

Sky Above Clouds IV – Georgia O’Keefe


This is the largest piece in her series, measuring 96″ x 288″, and dramatically hung above a huge staircase at the Art Institute of Chicago.  The paintings, completed between 1963 and 1965, followed a series of long round the world flights she took in 1960.  Like Cloud Gate, the piece is imbued with light, and deeply spiritual.


Farnsworth House - Mies van der Rohe

Farnsworth House – Mies van der Rohe

Mies and Musings

The Architecture Institute is a Chicago treasure.  It’s a model for architecture institutes world wide.   I took a day long Farnsworth House Plus tour with one of their knowledgeable volunteer guides.  She had an in depth grasp of Chicago architecture, as well as many amusing anecdotes.  I loved hearing her phrase ‘…drank the Kool-aide of Mies.’ I thought, simultaneously, that she was referring to Ken Kesey and The Electric Kool-Aide Acid Test, or,  to the Jones Town mass suicides.  This then reminded me the first time a younger colleague and friend sent me an email with the closing – lol.  He couldn’t possible mean lots of love.  My daughter said “You know that means laugh out loud…?”


Jun 022012

Check in mid June for my first post on highlights of my trip to Chicago.

Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor