Victoria: In The Studio

Winter Warmth and Inspiration

There’s been lots of activity in my studio this past month.  I’ve been working on several large canvases, mono printmaking, and teaching…all of it very satisfying.

It’s gratifying to introduce people to simple printmaking techniques. Opening up my studio offers many rewards. And it forces me to clean it up!

Some very striking work is created at these workshops. I’m frequently inspired by the participants’ approach to the process.

Here are some mono print cards using leaves and stencils.  I collected leaves from my garden in October and froze them.  I thawed them just before printing early in December.

December is a perfect month for creating greeting cards and papers for gift giving. This year I used stencils and leaves to make both.

Making craft items like this provides a relaxing time off from work on the big canvases.

This painting took me several months to complete. And a painting is never really finished, is it?  It’s about knowing when to walk away.

We took time yesterday to drive up to the snow above Goldstream, build snowmen, and revel in a white winter.   This spot  is a quick 30 minute drive from my studio up the mountain. It was another world.

I am blessed to call beautiful Vancouver Island my home.  Nature is an inspiration, as well as family and friends, both near and far.

My very best wishes to all of you for the holiday. And a peaceful new year.



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