Like a River Flows

Here’s the beginnings of Two Leaves, a piece I completed last month. It was a departure from my usual painting process. I collaged silkscreened paper pieces onto the canvas.

There are two long narrow canvases here. I screwed the supports together. They can be taken apart, but I think that would be a nasty. They really are meant to be joined.

Painting these days is a dream. Everything is flowing. One thing leads effortlessly to another.

Maybe it’s because there are few distractions, it being a pandemic and all. There is a relaxed vibe in the studio. Lots of time. It’s open ended.

Here’s the finished piece.

Two Leaves came about when I pulled some silkscreen pieces out of the paper storage drawers. I decided to collage them on canvas, at the heart of the leaf shapes. I also used acrylic in many areas.

Here it is, hung in it’s new home.

I’m not sure I’d collage paper onto canvas again, but this one turned out okay. I plan to continue this theme and use two large birch cradles. I think collaging need a more rigid support,

Stayed tuned.

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