Laughter and Art in the Time of COVID-19

Here’s my quote of the day:  ‘Art is never having to say you’re sorry.”  Laurie Mackie  

I love the light hearted in such a heavy time.  I draw on my Samsung Note and post some of these quick sketches on my Instagram account @onehundredbirds

You can also follow my studio practice and current work on Instagram @lauriemackieeditions.

If there’s an upside to a pandemic, it’s more studio time!  There are very few distractions taking me away from the studio these days.  I’m working with web designer Leigh Lundgren to update my site.  Sifting through my painting stacks I’ve pulled out these two pieces.

Power of Pink 36 x 48″  acrylic on canvas

Three Ways 36 x 48″ acrylic on canvas

These pieces, and more, will be on my new site.  I’m excited to finally be getting to this time consuming project.  And it’s great to be looking at my older work in context of the current pieces.

Hope you’ll stay in touch.

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